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Rice crackers are sold all over the world those days.
Most people love crunchy mouse feel which is different to wheat biscuits.
Rice is grown in many countries, also is allergy free.
What you need producing good rice crackers, are good rice, clean water and OHYAMA’s techniques!

Are you ready telling us

Raw material’s form (eg. whole or flour)
Production capacity (eg. 000 kgs per hour, and how many hour’s working a day)
Where to set up (name of city or country)
What do you want to produce? Any similar products? Even photos.

Company Profile

Registration company name OHYAMA FOODS MACHINERY CO., LTD.
Foundation March 3, 1923
Establishment June 6, 1951
Capital JPY20,000,000.-
Settlement Term May 31
Officers Executive President Yutaka OYAMA
Director Harumi OHYAMA
Director Makoto OHYAMA
Auditor Kouji KASUYA



Accurately measured rice flour is put into the steamer. The steamer gives them pouring water, kneading then exposed steam.
Thus rice starch becomes sticky and gummy, which is called alpha-state.
Dough is then forced out through a nozzle by twin screws

Shaker Roaster(平煎機)

A fixed quality of the seeds (pellets) are placed in the square shaped metal net basket and shaken horizontally in which located between upper and lower heat sources in hearth. They are pulled forward and discharged when they have been uniformly parched. 

Grain Puff Snack Production Line(パフスナック製造ライン)

P-7 Puff machine produces various sizes and formed snack from corn/rice grit by high pressure and heat. Production line is composed by your choice of center filling, short cut and stick/flat.
P-7 Puff machines running continuous so the other machines like roaster and seasoning machine in the line should also be continuous one.

Process Chart


Arare contains Kakino-Tane which direct meaning is persimmon’s seed because what looks like.Raw material is glutinous (sticky) rice.

PDF(For more infomation, CLICK HERE.)


Raw material is non- glutinous (normal) rice.

PDF(For more infomation, CLICK HERE.)